September 2019 Science Research Awards

Monthly Proposal & Award Report for faculty and researchers of the Division of Physical & Biological Sciences, provided by the Office of Sponsored Projects

September 25, 2019

Joshua Arribere

  • Department: Molecular, Cell, & Developmental Biology
  • Sponsor:NIH/NIGMS
  • Description: Mechanisms of Translational Surveillance in C. elegans

Robert Boltje

  • Department: Mathematics
  • Sponsor: UC/MEXUS
  • Description: Isomorphic Fibered Burnside Rings

Megan Cimino

  • Department: Institute of Marine Sciences
  • Sponsor: NSF
  • Description: Collaborative Research: Linking predator behavior and resource distributions: penguin-directed exploration of an ecological hotspot

Chongying Dong

  • Department: Mathematics
  • Sponsor: Simons Foundation
  • Description: Vertex operator algebra

Christopher Edwards

  • Department: Ocean Sciences
  • Sponsor: NOAA
  • Description: (1) Advancing the West Coast Ocean Forecasting System through Assessment, Model Development, and Ecological Products; (2) An observing system optimization study for ocean acidification along the central and northern California coast

Jonathan Fortney

  • Department: Astronomy & Astrophysics
  • Sponsor: NSF
  • Description: Freeing Giant Planet Interior Models of Assumptions

Ari Friedlaender

  • Department: Institute of Marine Sciences
  • Sponsor: NSF
  • Description: Collaborative Research: A New Baseline for Antarctic Blue and Fin Whales

Puragra Guha Thakurta

  • Department: Astronomy & Astrophysics; UCO/Lick
  • Sponsor: NSF
  • Description: Collaborative Research: Kinematics and Chemistry of M33 - Determining the Past, Present and Future of the M31/M33 System

Jason Prochaska

  • Department: Astronomy & Astrophysics; UCO/Lick
  • Sponsor: Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (Space Telescope Science Institute)
  • Description: What Reionized the Universe?

Andrew Moore

  • Department: Ocean Sciences
  • Sponsor: (1) NOAA; (2) Office of Naval Research
  • Description: (1) Real-time Monitoring of the Impact of Observing Systems on Ocean Analysis-Forecast Systems in Support of U.S. IOOS; (2) Further Developments of the Coupled COAMPS-ROMS Modeling System

Jin Zhang

  • Department: Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Sponsor: UC Merced
  • Description: Bridging education and research: Innovative nanomaterial platforms for energy and sensing


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