August 2019 Science Research Awards

Monthly Proposal & Award Report for faculty and researchers of the Division of Physical & Biological Sciences, provided by the Office of Sponsored Projects

August 27, 2019

Joshua Arribere

  • Department: Molecular, Cell, & Developmental Biology
  • Sponsor: Kinship Foundation
  • Description: A New Model for NMD

Philip Crews

  • Department: Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Sponsor: NIH/NIGMS
  • Description: Baccalaureate Bridge to the Biomedical Sciences Program (ACCESS)

Jeff Davis

  • Department: Institute of Marine Sciences
  • Sponsor: CDFW
  • Description: At-sea aerial surveys

John MacMillan

  • Department: Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Sponsor: NIH/NCCIH
  • Description: The Center for High-Throughput Functional Annotation of Natural Products

Francois Monard

  • Department: Mathematics
  • Sponsor: NSF
  • Description: Explicit methods for linear and non-linear tomography

Karen Ottemann

  • Department: Microbiology & Environmental Toxicology
  • Sponsor: NIH/NIAID
  • Description: The function of chemotactic signal transduction during colonization and disease

Eric Palkovacs

  • Department: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  • Sponsor: NOAA
  • Description: (1) UCSD collaboration in freshwater ecology research ; (2) CIMEC: Investigations in Fisheries Ecology

Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz

  • Department: Astronomy & Astrophysics
  • Sponsor: NASA
  • Description: UCSD collaboration in California Space Grant College and Fellowship Program Training Grant

Beren Sanders

  • Department: Mathematics
  • Sponsor: NSF
  • Description: Categorical methods for classical, equivariant and motivic homotopy theory

Abraham Seiden

  • Department: Physics
  • Sponsor: BNL
  • Description: ATLAS Strip Hybrids

David Smith

  • Department: Physics
  • Sponsor: AFRL
  • Description: Air Force instrumentation

 Susan Strome

  • Department: Molecular, Cell, & Developmental Biology
  • Sponsor: NIH/NIGMS
  • Description: Control of early germline development in C elegans

Olena Vaske

  • Department: Molecular, Cell, & Developmental Biology
  • Sponsor:AACR
  • Description: Evaluation of gene expression outliers in pediatric cancer models

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