Testing Help for Students

PBSci Testing Support provides testing accommodations for students with authorization from the Disability Resource Center (DRC). To receive accommodations, you must be enrolled in one or more undergraduate courses in the Physical and Biological Sciences: ASTR, BIOC, BIOE, BIOL, CHEM, EART, MATH, METX, OCEA, PHYS.

To receive testing arrangements you must:

  1. First discuss your DRC accommodations with your professor and ask if they, a TA, or PBSci Testing Support will be providing your testing accommodations.
  2. If PBSci Testing Support will be providing your testing accommodations, please email testing.pbsci@ucsc.edu along with your complete exam schedule—midterm(s), final, etc. 

Note: To receive accommodations, exam schedules MUST be received at least 10 working days prior to your exam. If you request accommodations for a particular exam or activity with less than 10 days notice, we cannot guarantee that we can meet your request within that timeframe.


We use Google Calendar to schedule exam accommodations.  You will receive a Google Calendar email notifying you of your accommodations including the time and place of your exam.  Confirm your accommodations by accepting the invitation - click "YES" on your calendar invite. If by the Friday afternoon before your exam you have not received the invitation in your inbox, you will need to email testing.pbsci@ucsc.edu to ensure that we are aware of your midterm exam date.


  1. If you show up more than 30 minutes past the start time of your scheduled exam you will have to walk to your class's main testing space to get approval from your instructor for your late start. You will not get an extension on your end time for being late.
  2. We send out exam invitations based off of the information that you have set up in your MyUCSC student portal. Be sure to check that all information reported regarding your request to use your accommodations is accurate. Due to limited testing space, if you do not plan to use your accommodations for your PBSci course(s), it is imperative that you go into your MyUCSC student portal and update your accommodations information.

Note: PBSci Testing Support ONLY provides DRC testing accommodations for undergraduate courses in the Physical and Biological Sciences.  We do not support testing for courses outside of the PBSci Division.


PBSci Testing cannot move the date or time of an exam without instructor approval.
Time conflict requests must be made at least 3 business days before the day of the exam.

If your extra testing time results in a scheduling conflict with another course, it is the student’s responsibility to work with their instructor to come up with an alternate time to take the exam. We suggest that students email the instructor and cc: testing.pbsci@ucsc.edu so that we are aware as soon as the instructor gives approval. 

Note: Alternate testing times must remain within our window of proctor availability (Monday through Friday 8:00am–10:00pm)


This is to only be used if you are authorized from DRC to use a formula sheet for exams.

At the beginning of the quarter, before the start of exams you must do the following steps in order to have the formula sheet available to you while testing:

Students are advised to create the proposed formula sheet and provide it to their professor for approval. After the student and faculty have finalized the "formula sheet" the professor keeps the sheet and delivers the sheet to the proctor along with the exam.

If you have questions about testing accommodations, please contact testing.pbsci@ucsc.edu