Academic Programs

The Division of Physical and Biological Sciences offers 18 undergraduate degrees and 11 graduate training programs. 

Graduate training programs at UCSC in Earth and planetary sciences, and astronomy are among the best in the world, while those in physics, ocean sciences and biological sciences are also considered outstanding. Each of our research training programs strongly emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration. Our Science Communication program is also considered the best science writing program in the nation. A complete list of graduate training programs can be found at the PBSCI graduate programs web page, with links to individual program websites. 

Undergraduate degree programs are sponsored by the Division's academic departments and administered through our Undergraduate Affairs Office. The Undergraduate Affairs Office's knowledgeable and friendly staff members help students to understand and manage the breadth and diversity of these programs, as well as how to take advantage of other resources that are available to students. Formal undergraduates academic enrichment programs, such as ACE, also introduce students to the excitement of science and engineering, and support them in their studies and preparation for future careers. Many of these programs emphasize hands-on experience in research laboratories. Individual faculty members within the Division are also well known for sponsoring independent studies, senior thesis research projects, and hiring undergraduates as laboratory staff.

Academic Enrichment Programs: UCSC supports a wide range of academic enrichment and support programs and other resources designed to facilitate the educational experience of both undergraduate and graduate students.

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