Graduate Training Programs

Astronomy and Astrophysics [Ph.D.]: Astronomy and Astrophysics graduate students have access to state-of-the-art instrument development and data reduction technology, the UCO/Lick Observatory computer network, and an extensive astronomical library.

Biomedical Sciences and Engineering [Ph.D.]: The graduate training Program in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering (PBSE) reflects the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of biomedical research at UCSC. PBSE crosses departmental boundaries and provides students with diverse research opportunities.

Chemistry [M.S., Ph.D.]: General areas of research encompassed by the Chemistry Graduate program are biochemistry, biophysical, inorganic, marine, organic and physical chemistry.

Coastal Science and Policy [M.S.]: The Coastal Science and Policy Program at UC Santa Cruz trains future leaders to advance the sustainable use of coastal resources and conservation of coastal biodiversity, ecosystems, socio-economic integrity, and ecological services.

Earth Sciences [M.S., Ph.D.]: The Earth and Planetary Sciences Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz has an outstanding reputation; our graduates are leaders in academia, research, government, and industry.

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology [M.A., Ph.D.]: The vision of EEB's graduate program is to provide a nurturing, creative and intellectual environment conducive to the development of world-class scientists.

Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology [M.S., Ph.D.]: To solve problems in environmental toxicology, students must understand how toxic substances move through the environment, enter organisms and cause harm.

Mathematics [M.A., Ph.D.]: The Mathematics Department has leading research programs in several actively developing areas on the frontiers of pure and applied mathematics, interacting strongly with theoretical physics and mechanics.

Molecular, Cell, & Developmental Biology [M.A., Ph.D.]: UCSC grants Ph.D. and M.A. degrees in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology (MCD Biology). This program is designed primarily for doctoral students headed for academic and research careers. Current enrollment includes forty five Ph.D. and five Masters students.

Ocean Sciences [M.S., Ph.D.]: The Ocean Sciences department supports collaborative studies utilizing the innovative technologies of the nearby Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, the Naval Postgraduate School, Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Station, CSU Moss Landing Laboratory, and others.

Physics [M.S., Ph.D.]: The Physics Department features a low student-faculty ratio so that M.S. and Ph.D. students can work closely with faculty and pursue programs that fit their individual needs.

Science Communication [Graduate Certificate]: The Science Communication program is one academic year long, plus a summer internship. It is the only graduate science writing program in the nation that requires significant previous science training.


Division of Graduate StudiesDIVISION OF GRADUATE STUDIES

 The UCSC Division of Graduate Studies provides vital information for prospective graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in all areas of Physical and Biological Sciences. This includes information on application procedures, financial aid, fellowships for underrepresented minorities and women, and housing. If you have additional questions about application procedures, call (831-459-5905) or email the Graduate Admissions Office.

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