Academic Departments

astro Astronomy and Astrophysics: UCSC is one of the world's leading centers for both observational and theoretical research in astronomy and astrophysics. The faculty's research interests range from the Solar System and the Milky Way to the most most distant galaxies in the Universe and the most fundamental questions of cosmology.
Chem Chemistry and Biochemistry: Faculty members focus on biomedical research and biotechnology, including cancer, inflammatory, metabolic and neurological diseases, as well as drug screening and discovery from natural and synthetic compounds. A second focus is on nanomaterials research, with applications in efficient solar energy conversion, nanophotonics and biomedical imaging
Earth and Planetary Science Earth & Planetary Sciences: The Earth & Planetary Sciences Department is ranked among the top 20 Earth Science programs in the U.S. It also has one of the discipline's 3 largest undergraduate programs in the country. The Department's faculty members have earned awards for world-class scholarly research and for teaching.
EEB Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology is organized around four research clusters: Behavior & Physiology, Conservation Biology, Ecology, & Evolution. Faculty members emphasize a balance of research and undergrad and graduate training programs in these areas.
Math Mathematics: Mathematics underlie the technological advances that drive society, and serve as a source of aesthetic inspiration for scientists who search for deep structures in the universe. Our faculty explore the field's fundamental questions, while ensuring students develop expertise needed for advanced training.
METX Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology: The Department of Microbiology & Environmental Toxicology examines environmental poisons and pathogens that harm humans and other living things. Working within the highly collaborative environment of UCSC, faculty members use a systems-based approach in both research and training.
MCD Biology Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology: Researchers and faculty in UCSC's Department of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology focus on understanding the basic building blocks of life and the molecular foundations of human health and disease.
Ocean Sciences Ocean Sciences: The Department's faculty pursues biological oceanography, marine microbial ecology, chemical oceanography, marine biogeochemistry, paleoceanography and paleoclimatology, physical oceanography and climatology, and biological-physical modeling of the marine environment.
Physics Physics: UCSC Physicists have earned the highest research paper citation rate of any department in the nation Students receive a rich experience in condensed matter and particle physics, with the highest graduate student satisfaction ranking in the country.
Science Communication

Science Communication: UCSC's Science Communication Program trains scientists in the craft of science writing through one year of course work, as well as practical experience involving part-time internships. Graduates currently work at science magazines, newspapers, online news services, and research institutions across the nation.