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Dean Paul Koch

We are located in: Natural Sciences 2 Annex Room #204
Map to Dean's Office

Paul Koch (831) 459-2931
Dean, Professor of Earth & Planetary Sciences

Maria Kerschen (831) 459-4029
Assistant Dean
Planning and Resource Management

Carrie Haber (831) 459-2614
Assistant Dean
Planning and Academic Programs

Branwyn Wagman  (831) 459-4240
Divisional Director of Development

Dave Belanger
(831) 459-2931
Associate Dean, Professor of Physics

Nicolle Laird (831) 459-4757
Assistant Dean
Planning and Personnel

Linnea Leopold (831) 459-4086
Academic Program Analyst

Vanessa Ackermann  (831) 459-3487
Academic Program Analyst

Paula Schneider (831) 459-2931
Executive Assistant to the Dean

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